Are you a “natural” leader in your community?
Do people ask you for resources and advice all the time?
If so, come get trained and better help your community with us! Our Natural Helpers Training Program will provide you with leadership training and information on resources and tools to be used to help your immigrant and/or refugee community more effectively!

The next Natural Helpers Training Program is March 9, 16, and 23 from 9:00 – 4:30 pm. Participants MUST come all THREE days to successfully complete the training.

Natural Helper Requirements:

  1. Has a history of being a person who community members turn to for help and has a history of serving members of the various immigrant or refugee communities in the Aurora/Denver area
  2. Is knowledgeable about his/her communities’ activities and ideally know many if not most of the members of a given community (where community may be based on a neighborhood, a church, a school district or other subgroup within a broader racial/ethnic group)
  3. Ability to function well in two languages, fluent enough to interact effectively with service providers and can read and write English in addition to his/her native language
  4. Has access to a computer or smart phone and an email address that is checked regularly

Natural Helper Application