The Youth Natural Leaders Training offers opportunities to learn about specific resources, places to go to, and community organizations which offer help. Learn how to use these resources to help your community members.

Sharpen your leadership skills. With your bilingual abilities, and talents in observing and listening, feel more confidant and capable while helping others in your community. When applying for college, and jobs, highlight your leadership experiences as a Youth Natural Leader, and show you are a lifelong learner and helper.

The next Youth Natural Leaders Training is March 26, 27, 28 from 10:00 – 3:00 pm. Youth MUST come all THREE days to successfully complete the training.

Youth Natural Leaders Requirements:

  1. High school student entering 11th grade or 12th grade.
  2. Has a history of being a youth who helps members of the various immigrant or refugee communities in his or her school/community.
  3. Ability to function well in two languages, can speak, read and write English in addition to his/her native language.
  4. Has access to a computer or smart phone and has an e-mail address that is checked regularly.

Youth Natural Leader Expectations:

  1. Complete the application process.
  2. Attend a 15-hour training program in the winter of 2019
  3. Attend 3-6 Youth Natural Leaders Mini-Trainings, advisory committee meetings and other networking events (scheduled monthly)
  4. Participate in volunteer opportunities through the Village Exchange Center.
  5. Provide assistance to an immigrant or refugee youth in need, in a respectful and culturally-competent manner.

Youth Natural Leader Application