• A Little Something

    1532 Galena St, Suite 300, Aurora, CO 80010
    Services: A crafts cooperative of refugee women pooling their talents, skills and creativity to earn money for themselves. Services are provided in various languages - Website is in English.
    Website: https://sites.google.com/site/refugeecraftsdenver/home

  • African Community Center

    925 S Niagara St, Suite 200, Denver, CO 80224
    Services: Provides education and support in leadership development, health and wellness, education and youth programming, career and economic advancement, legal and policy advocacy and sponsor community events. Services are provided in various languages – Website
    Website: https://www.acc-den.org/

  • African Leadership Group

    10700 E Evans Ave, Aurora, CO 80014
    Services: Provides Resettlement Services including educational and social service programs that help newcomers resettle in their new communities and acculturate. The We Made This: Sewing Initiative, is a Denver-based sewing initiative, providing sewing training and
    Website: https://usalg.org/

  • Asociacion Centroamericana Unida (ACAUNIDA)

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    Services: A non-profit group that serves as liaison between Colorado and Consulado General de El Salvador in Las Vegas, NV. Does charity work in rural areas of El Salvador.
    Website: https://www.facebook.com/acaunidaco/

  • Aurora – Sister Cities International

    15151 E Alameda Pkwy, Ste 5909, Aurora, CO 80012
    Services: Acts as the liaison between the City of Aurora and its various partner cities: Adama, Ethiopia, Anitguo Custcatlan, El Salvador, Jaco, Costa Rica, Seongnam City, South Korea and Zielone Gora, Poland. Additional programs include Global Youth Leaders, Young
    Website: https://aurorasistercities.org/

  • Bhutanese Community Colorado

    1609 Havana, Aurora, CO 80010
    Services: Provides help to Bhutanese and other refugee communities during their transition period to become independent and integrate in the mainstream life of United States of America through education, cultural exchange, advocacy and networking. Services provide
    Website: http://www.mygbcc.com/

  • Colorado African Organization

    6795 E Tennessee Ave., Suite 250, Denver, CO 80224
    (303) 953-7060
    Services: Provides services including: ESL, Citizenship, Navigation, Legal Assistance and Interpretation Services. Services are provided in various languages including: English, French, Nepali, Hindi, Triginya, Kunama, Burmese, Karen, Lisu, Swahili, Lingala, Sango,
    Website: http://www.caoden.org/

  • Colorado Ethiopian Community (CEC)

    1609 Havana St, Aurora, CO 80010

    Services: Promotes cultural, educational and socio-economic services and programs for its community member in the Denver Metro area. Services provided in Amharic - Website is in Amharic and English.
    Website: https://ethiorado.com/

  • Colorado People’s Alliance (COPA)

    14707 E 2 nd Ave, Aurora, CO 80011 or 700 Kalamath St, Denver, CO 80204
    Services: Provides Know Your Rights Workshop, Citizenship Classes (Bilingual: English and Spanish), Canvasing, Voter Registration and DACA & DAPA information. Services provided in English and Spanish - Website is in English.
    Website: https://coloradopeoplesalliance.org/

  • Danza Los Quetzales

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    (720) 364-1688
    Services: A non-profit Aztec dance group. Available for cultural events, religious events and rosaries.
    Website: https://www.facebook.com/danzalosquetzales/

  • Eco Folklorico Cuscatlan

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    (720) 276-1072
    Services: A Central American non-profit dance group whose mission is to educate Coloradans about traditions in the Central American region through performance art, gastronomy, Intercultural learning and language courses.
    Website: https://www.facebook.com/EcoFolkloricoCuscatlan/

  • Muslim Families Tutoring Institute

    1562 S Parker Rd, Suite 320, Denver, CO 80231
    (720) 409-6667
    Services: Daily After-School for kids: homework help, literacy and math tutoring, Arabic & Somali, full-time hifth for kids & youth, weekend hifth class, weekdays hifth class, and Adult Literacy Programs: ESL, ASL - Arabic as a second language, Hifth & Isl
    Website: https://www.muftilearning.org/

  • Salvadoreños Residiendo en Colorado

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    (720) 447-7500
    Website: https://www.facebook.com/gruposarcosv/

  • Servicios De La Raza

    3131 W 14th Ave, Denver, CO 80204
    (303) 458-5851
    Services: The La Gente (The People) Program provides bilingual HIV/AIDS services programs. The Yes Program empowers youth by providing opportunities to have successful and fulfilling lives. The Vistas (Victims in Safe Transition and Self-Sufficiency and Domestic Vi
    Website: http://serviciosdelaraza.org/

  • Somali American Community Center Colorado

    1582 S Parker Rd, Suite 201, Denver, CO 80231
    (303) 369-5998
    Services: Provides educational programming for children, women and men including computer classes, job search assistance and referrals, business startup information, family crisis intervention, educational programs, ESL tutoring and classes, interpretation and docu
    Website: http://www.somaliamerican.org/